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HRDC Hosts Go Consult

Using a resume to showcase your talents

We Need A Speech

Marketing Communications—Yes, You Can Do It!

Presentation: Online Influence: What Blogs Mean to Your Business

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HRDC Hosts Go Consult

For those of you interested in consulting, Human Resources Development Canada hosts a Successful Contracting and Consulting workshop. It runs for 10 days and has multiple intake dates. For more information, visit http://www.goconsult.ca.

Using a resume to showcase your talents

Using a resume to showcase your talents (PDF).

An article by STC Associate Fellow, Rahel Bailie of Intentional Design Inc..  Previously printed in Intercom.

We Need A Speech

From the STC 2002 Region 7 Conference hosted by STC Canada West Coast

We Need A Speech… (PDF 148 KB)

At some stage of your career someone will ask you to write a speech. Or as an executive you may be called on to write your own. You need to know about style, story, audience and message. This presentation teaches you the techniques to write a speech that conveys your message in an engaging manner, and put you in demand as a return speaker.

Colin Moorhouse, Speech Writing & Training, Vancouver, British Columbia

Marketing Communications—Yes, You Can Do It!

From the STC 2002 Region 7 Conference Hosted by STC Canada West Coast:

This session is aimed at helping you take your technical communication abilities and use them to create better marketing communications. You’ve already developed audience analysis skills; now use them in a different way, with perhaps different audiences, to develop marcomm content. You use the classic questions of Who, What, When, Where, and How to help you take your techcomm copy and transform it into marcomm copy that, to put it simply, sells.


Thea Teich, Teich Technical and Marketing Communications, Cincinnati, Ohio

Presentation: Online Influence: What Blogs Mean to Your Business

Traditional business marketing and technical communication is changing. More ads, catchier slogans, louder television commercials, brighter colors… it’s all been done. Stop talking at consumers and start talking with them. Begin a conversation with them that encourages them to talk to others about your business or product. That’s what buzz marketing with blogs is all about: getting a conversation going between business and consumer.

See the attached materials from the Nov ‘05 program meeting STC West Coast held in conjunction with the Vancouver HTCE. The speaker was Susannah Gardner, the co-founder and creative director of Hop Studios Internet Consultants, a Web design company specializing in custom Web solutions for content publishers. Susannah is also a freelance writer and author; her latest book is “Buzz Marketing With Blogs for Dummies”. She is the co-author of “Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Dummies” and “Teach Yourself Visually: Dreamweaver MX 2004” - both from Wiley Publishing. She just completed “BitTorrent for Dummies,” available in October 2005.

Susannah’s weblog entry and presentation

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