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PLAIN Language Conference Coming to Vancouver

PLAIN Language Conference Coming to Vancouver

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January 2013 President’s Message

January 2013 President’s Message

Feels as if it were too late to say this, but I still mean it: Happy New Year, everyone!  I read something cute on Facebook the other day:  New Year’s resolutions are just a “To Do” list for the first week of January.

As usual, there is a tonne of fun stuff going on in the chapter and the world of tech comm. While I still have your attention, I would like to ask each of you to consider helping the chapter thrive and flourish in 2013. A small contribution (time, money, an article for the website, a sincere invitation to join to a colleague or friend who also writes… all of these help our cause and also have the benefit of making you feel “a part of…” not “apart from.”


Need your help:


New branding effort for the chapter

To coincide with the development of our redesigned website, we are looking for ideas for a new look for our logo and chapter colours. Send a quick note to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with a word, a colour, an image, or your thoughts on what CWC means to you… it will be considered by the graphic artist, Lisa, who has offered to work with us to deliver a fresh new look. Lisa is an established graphic artist, a friend of Aaron Fultz, our VP – and she currently works for Disney. Probably has chops, don’t you think?

Tell Someone!

The 2013 scholarship information has been posted on our website: tell a tech comm student today. Point them to http://archive.stcwestcoast.ca/index.php/site/scholarships/

THANKS for Joining or Renewing!

You are awesome!  We now can boast about our 126 members… there were 92 at the end of last program year; 102 when STC Head Office took a count for budget purposes and now we are starting 2013 with a bang.

Talk about us!

This is more true now than ever in the age of Yelp, Reddit and networking:  What members say about belonging to our organization and the value they enjoy is much more effective and credible than anything that the Executive can say on the same topic.  When it’s written on the website, it’s just a claim – hot air, almost.  When you as a member say it, or better still, write it, it changes from being just words to your actual experience - a fact. The more testimonials that we employ on our site and in our printed marketing materials, the more compelling they become.  A prospective member is far more moved to action from your words than mine. Will you write a short paragraph about why you renewed? Why you joined? What has your experience been?

April AGM

It might seem too soon to talk about the Annual General Meeting that happens in our April Program night, but it always seems to sneak up on me.  So I’m talking about it early this year. We would like extensive participation in the Elections this year. Our bylaws are clear: the positions of Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer become vacant at the end of the program year and elections are to be held at the AGM to fill these positions. It is rare that we have more than one candidate for these, but we can make history here if you put your name forward for one of these positions. (It is my understanding that the incumbent for Treasurer is interested in remaining in her position – lucky us! Mary Metzger is doing a fine job.)   Check out the member wiki for job descriptions of these roles.

Keeping in touch


Yammer is proving to be a very useful tool for communications in the chapter, to the point where few people are attending the Communications meeting held on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Because we can post files there and we can all comment on the same discussion without endless email threads and duplications, getting a sense of members’ feelings about various topics is streamlined. It’s very easy to lurk too… no need to chime in unless you feel strongly about something. Not familiar with Yammer?  It’s like a closed network for chatting… but a lot more, too. If you have not received an invite to join the STC Canada West Coast external network, please send a request for one to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


News in General:


Budget: we are to receive $1,530 US from the Society this year, to help us fund our initiatives and programs.  While that’s a nice chunk of change, we MUST mobilize and start finding sponsorships for the chapter now. At the Communications meeting held 1/22/2013, we discussed how to keep the job bank free for employers and how to add value to their ability to access our pool of seasoned and professional writers. Interested in participating in this initiative? Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Community Achievement Award:  We met the deadline of January 21 and submitted an application for Community of Excellence but just might squeak through to the highest level, a Community of Distinction. We’ll hear what the Evaluation Committee decided in April, I believe.  Judy Holt, a BCIT student in the Tech Comm program and a fresh new volunteer, helped put the application together with a keen eye for detail and a lot of patience while I tried to come up with 50 proofs of our activities. The application was a whopping 15 MB zipped!


Student Brochure: Version 1 was completed over Christmas and lots of constructive critique was gathered at the last program night and Communications meeting. Version 2 will be forthcoming shortly and available for distribution at all post-secondary institutions and chapter events.


We need a chapter photographer… I’ll bring a camera to the next meeting and ask for a volunteer. But if you are interested in a titled position on the volunteer roster, please tell Heather Sommerville (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) or let me know.


The employer outreach project is ramping up – all hands are needed to do internet research on companies on our database list, and find out who’s missing from our list. Easy, peasy work for a weekend or two… send .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  a quick note and Autumn Jonssen will respond.


Now for some fun:

Sheila Jones – a long term member of the chapter, former president and an STC Fellow – has formed a group called The Shameless Hussies. They will be celebrating Groundhog Day at Studio 700 at the CBC on – you guessed it! – Feb 2. Tom’s providing an Improv group and Jamie Dale’s going to bring her band. She said she would love it if you could come and all STCers are potential hussies! (Guess you’ll have to go to find out!) Check out the STC-Canada West Coast Facebook page for more information.

Mark your Calendars

Check the Events page on the STC-CWC website or the Events Group in Yammer for more details and registration links.
February 5 - CIC coffee meeting
February 19 - Program night: Melissa Mewdell SEO
February 22 - Communications’ Meeting

March 5 - CIC coffee meeting
March 12 - Exec Meeting
March 19 Program night: Tony Wanless Pitching! (Proposal Writing)
March 22 - Communications’ Meeting

April 2 - CIC coffee meeting
April 16 - AGM/Elections/ Webinar with TBD: Overview of Help Authoring Tools
April 22 - Communications’ Meeting

May 7 - CIC coffee meeting
May 5-8 - STC SUMMIT (Atlanta, Georgia)
May 14 - Exec Meeting
May 21 - Program night: Sean Cranbury on Social Media
May 22 - Communications’ Meeting

June 4 - CIC coffee meeting (to be confirmed)
June 8 - Flare workshop with Catherine Girczyc & Beth Haggerty
June 11 - Exec Meeting – hand off to new Executive team
June 18 - (Program Night? Tentative… not usually one in June)
June 22 - Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

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