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PLAIN Language Conference Coming to Vancouver

PLAIN Language Conference Coming to Vancouver

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Website Re-Design Project (Update)

After six years and three false starts later, the STC Canada West Coast chapter website is getting an overhaul! It has drawn together a group of (new and long-term) keen STC CWC members and volunteers to revamp the current website with a unifying goal in mind: enhance the user experience.

The team is working intensively with current STC CWC Web Team Lead Tony Chung, STC CWC President Mellissa Ruryk, and new recruits Ulrike Rodrigues (winner of the 2011 STC CWC Julia Broderick Scholarship), Jacob De Camillis, Autumn Jonssen, and Aaron Fultz to freshen up and re-structure the website with several ideas underpinning our efforts:

  • Improve ease of access to and between information and people—new information architecture, new web content, an internal search system
  • Change visual design: new colour scheme, new graphics, etc.
  • Boost chapter socialization through more events, social media usage (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.), and off-hour STC member get-togethers
  • Expand community involvement with sister and related organizations, businesses, institutions, advertisers, and out-of-town members
  • Promote STC-CWC members and technical communication (as a career) more strongly
  • Promote and improve upon the current job bank
  • Broaden our audience: current members (active and dormant), non-members, students, volunteers, career-changers, TC newbies, instructors, administrators, recruiters/employees, sponsors, and those in other communications fields
  • Re-envision the role, function, and production of the Coast Lines blog

Our project is calling out for your involvement and feedback:

  • What improvements to you like to see reflected in the new website?
  • Will you contribute to the web effort—namely content?
  • Would you approach potential advertisers and sponsors?
  • Do you want to participate by keeping on top of news from the Web team (and related) meetings?

If you’d like more information, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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