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PLAIN Language Conference Coming to Vancouver

PLAIN Language Conference Coming to Vancouver

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Elections and Nominations and Elections

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Elections and Nominations and Elections

STC-Canada West Coast Annual General Meeting of Members

Late Breaking News!  Members attending remotely can vote in AGM Election!
At the executive meeting on Tuesday, April 9, a motion was passed to allow chapter members who have signed up to attend the April 16 AGM via Go To Webinar may also exercise their democratic right and responsibility to vote.  At the time of the vote, webinar attendees who have been verified to be chapter members may type in their election choices via the chat window and VP Aaron Fultz will record these votes (privately) for inclusion in the ballot count.

Please read the information below, and on election day at 6:30 pm PST , please join the AGM by clicking this link >  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/join/815055002.

Dear members,

According to the BC Societies’ Act, the chapter executive must notify members regarding the date, time, and location of our annual business meeting at least 30 days prior to the meeting. The notice of the annual business meeting has been on archive.stcwestcoast.ca since January 9, 2013 which exceeds the notice period requirements. We are supplementing that notice with this direct message.

STC-CWC’s annual business meeting is Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 6:30–7:00 PM PDT (GMT-7) at the YWCA Vancouver, Skills Room, 4th Floor, 535 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC.

The meeting will be conducted according to CWC and BC Societies’ Bylaws, procedures consistent with those used in previous years’ meetings, and Robert’s Rules of Order. Elections for the executive positions of Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are to be held. Members in good standing may nominate themselves or another up to and at the meeting itself, when the call for nominations is made.

The unofficial agenda has been posted to the STC CWC members’ Wiki. The agenda will be approved at the opening of the meeting; following it permits orderly discussion and accomplishment of the chapter’s business.

NEW this year: we will be ‘broadcasting’ the AGM via Go To Webinar, and members who are not able to be present in person can listen to the proceedings on their computer and participate in the voting. If you wish to attend in this way, please join the meeting at 6:30 pm (Pacific) by clicking on this link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/join/815055002. You will be connected to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers (VoIP).  A headset is recommended.
Meeting ID: 815-055-002
GoToMeeting® Online Meetings Made Easy® Not at your computer? Click the link to join this meeting from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device via the GoToMeeting app.

The minutes of last year’s annual meeting are posted on the CWC Wiki website. You may wish to read the minutes in advance.

We hope to see you at our annual business meeting on April 16!

Call for Nominations

At the above-mentioned Annual General Meeting on April 16, just before the regular Program presentation, CWC elections will be held.  It’s a very exciting time for us this year because we need to elect three people to the executive! The positions of Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President are open for nominations. You may nominate yourself, or nominate another chapter member in good standing.  Please forward your name or the name of your nominee to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and copy .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) as soon as possible. According to our by-laws as they are published on our website, nominations may be made right up to and at the Annual General Meeting (April 16 at 6:30 pm).

It is not a matter of being able to do the job perfectly the minute you step into the role. We are working as a team to create and further the success of us all. You don’t need to do it all by yourself, the rest of the executive is there to assist and support you.  If you have a willingness to learn and an aptitude for the role, please talk to us.  For instance, the Secretary should enjoy taking Minutes, being involved in many different activities, and able to commit to attending all meetings - which can be arranged on different days of the week, they don’t all have to be on Tuesdays. The Treasurer must have numeracy skills and be able to use Excel - but you don’t need a Finance degree. We of course wish to shepherd our resources wisely and the Treasurer needs to be able to see how any proposed activities might affect the bottom line. New ideas of how to make our chapter run in the black are very welcome. And - if you are interested in becoming Vice President... you need to be a bit of a Jack of all Trades, be ready to step in for the President at the drop of a hat, and also be able to delegate well… since after VP, you become da Prez!

Now is the time to step up and contribute to your chapter and assist us as we continue our efforts to reach out to students, new people just starting out in our profession, those in mid-career, and employers.  We are going to bring these audiences a new awareness of our profession and offer value for membership dollars by continuing to build a climate of personal development, continued growth, teamwork, and serious fun. Perhaps you’re not ready to commit to an executive position but by coming forward, you might free up another person who has been volunteering in another role and is ready to move on up! Key roles that need a team leader are Social Media, Programs and Sponsorship.  Send an email to the Volunteer coordinator, Heather Sommerville, to express your interest and ask any questions you might have about these roles.  Job descriptions are posted on the Member Wiki and in Yammer.

Volunteer of the Year Award
The volunteer of the year can be nominated by any chapter member, volunteer, team lead or executive board member, and is selected by the outgoing President, incoming President, and Volunteer Coordinator. A call is made in April to the volunteers. The award is presented at the Volunteer Luncheon.  See the website “Awards” page for a list of past recipients.

All Members need to attend April 16 to vote

Our April 16 presenter is Tony Wanless, who used to vet proposals for the Dragon’s Den television program, and write a very popular blog about the show. He’s sure to be entertaining, as he’s seen and heard the best ideas and the worst ideas. If you haven’t been to a chapter Program night for a while, this would be a great one to attend simply for the entertainment value, let alone what he will share about writing and honing good proposals. 

If you like, click here to register: http://archive.stcwestcoast.ca/index.php/site/events/april_program_pitching_with_tony_wanless/.  You can pay CASH (only) at the door or with credit online (through the Gifttool link).  Or, if you’re coming just to vote, please arrive ON TIME for 6:30 pm in Skills 1&2 Room on the 4th Floor (to the left as you get off the elevator) at the downtown YWCA at 535 Hornby Street. Tuesday, April 16, 2013:  Vote in your chapter elections!

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