March 5 Contractors Meeting
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Thanks to Barry, Autumn, Janice, Mellissa, & Jacob for joining me at that coffee place that I can never remember the name of.

Janice told us about her interview at a local organization. This interview was the second for this job. Her first was by telephone and the second was in person. Hope she makes it to the third. We’ll have to wait for the next meeting to find out more.

Autumn told us about her informal interview which was more like an informational interview. Networking, networking!

We discussed other issues such as:
•  the differences between a contractor and an employee; and the advantages and disadvantages for each
•  designing your resume for the job - Mellissa read an interesting article on doing resumes as an infographic. Autumn heard of inserting logos of companys the employee worked for in the resume.
•  volunteering - the unrealistic qualifications demanded for a volunteer for some postings, advantages of working as a volunteer
•  knowing programming for some writing jobs – what programming some writers have and how they obtained it. It appears there are a few ex programmers around who turned writers.

Mellissa gave us an update on the upcoming and exciting program nights.