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June 8 Professional Development Seminar: Fundamentally Flare

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Past Events

STC Professional Development Workshop: Content Management Bootcamp Basics, Saturday Nov 17, 2007

STC Professional Development Workshop: Content Management Bootcamp Basics

Date: Saturday Nov 17, 2007
Location: BCIT, Room 481, 555 Seymour Street, Vancouver
Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm (lunch will be provided)

STC Members - $150
Non-members - $175
Students - $125

Delving into content management (CM) is entering an unfamiliar and sometimes confusing world. It’s not unusual for a well-meaning IT group of a corporation to install a well-respected - but inappropriate for technical publishing - content management application and expect the technical documentation department to start churning out documentation using the new system - and what about that return on investment they expect to see after a few months? Knowing the basics of CM is more than a protection mechanism; it’s a way of preparing for the next big trend in documentation production.

This workshop provides the groundwork for understanding how the guts of a content management system works, the differences between Web CM and content component management systems, some circumstances under which CM can be beneficial, and techniques for determining system suitability. We will also demystify the industry vocabulary, thereby eliminating some of the barriers that can slow down the investigative process. We’ll look at the process from input (authoring) to output (XSL) and all the steps in between, and the role of XML for capitalizing on your content re-use.

About Rahel Bailie

Rahel Anne Bailie has been providing content management consulting services to clients in a range of industries, from aviation to medical devices to tourism to online consumer goods, for five years. As principal of Intentional Design and partner in the Strategy A Consulting Group, she brings substantial business and communication experience to her projects, where she helps organizations with requirements and content analysis phases, through to assistance with RFP preparation and vendor selection. She embraces technologies that serve to improve the performance of communication products and the processes to create and maintain them, and supplements her knowledge with substantial experience in content development and user experience.

Rahel was elected Associate Fellow of the Society of Technical Communication in 2006, is involved in the Content Management Professionals Association, and holds memberships in related professional associations in order to keep current in pertinent practice areas.

To register online http://www.gifttool.com/registrar/ShowEventDetails?ID=47&EID=1981

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