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Join Yammer now

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Published: October 2012 in Message from the President, Features, Networking, Society News, Technologies

Why Use Yammer?

Please make sure you join the STC Canada West Coast network, and not the network

Managing email threads can be overwhelming as “replies to all” can overload your inbox. Yammer lets you choose the groups you are interested in, such as the teams you volunteer with, or general chapter discussions. When you reply to a post, your reply is placed directly below the post—no more searching through an email thread to figure out what relates to what.

In addition to making your chapter communications easier to follow, Yammer helps ensure chapter “knowledge” is accessible. While the chapter leadership works hard to track and archive information, a great deal of information gets shared via email. When this information is shared via Yammer, it stays accessible to the chapter even as volunteers move, in and out of positions.

There are literally dozens of benefits to using Yammer, which you will discover by using it. To get you started, here are some of the other great things you can do with Yammer:

Features and Benefits of Yammer

Polls, Praise, Events, Questions, and Announcements

One of the great things about Yammer is it consolidates many of the tools we already use in the chapter. Yammer lets you create polls, ask questions to other chapter members, post events, and make announcements. You can even praise someone, when you want to publicly express your appreciation. You’ll find these tools near the middle and top of your Yammer page via the “Post a Poll” link and under the “More” link.

Get Started and Get Help

Well, that should get you started using Yammer. Check out the help files for more information, or feel free to Yammer Aaron.

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