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2013 Society Election Campaign Notes

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Published: January 2013 in Features, Society News

The following information is being sent on behalf of Jane Wilson, candidate for election, STC Treasurer. Information on all candidates is available at

Hello, fellow STC member:

My name is Jane Wilson, and I am honored to be nominated to represent you as Treasurer on the STC Board. Please click to see the details of my experience (professional and STC).

Why am I running for treasurer, specifically? I was the treasurer of the Atlanta Chapter from 2007 until the end of 2012. I had a front-row seat for the financial crisis the STC went through in those years. I served on the Society Community Funding task force in 2010 and the Society Budget review committee for 2011. I have learned a lot in the past five years about STC funding and finance, and I believe this is an area in which I can continue to make a strong contribution to the Society. We’ve made tremendous strides toward improving our financial model, and I am excited about the chance to help continue that improvement by growing sources of funding while expanding benefits for members.

I am dedicated to promoting technical communication as a profession, and I think a strong STC is vital to that goal. I appreciate your consideration as you choose who to vote for. The one promise I will make to you is that, if I am elected, I will work tirelessly for you, for the Society, and for the profession. 

I urge you to review the information for all the STC candidates. I would appreciate your vote for Treasurer, but even if you don’t vote for me, I urge you to vote. This is our chance to determine the forward path of STC.

Thank you for your consideration!

Jane Wilson

Why Your Vote Matters

STC and other professional organizations are facing common challenges as the workforce shifts from the Baby Boomers to Generations X and Y. This shift is forcing STC (and others) to evaluate everything we do in order to be a vibrant relevant organization. I believe this year’s Board of Directors has us well on the way. Two of the Directors (and others) are at the end of their terms and it’s time to elect the next set of leaders. Your vote matters because each candidate brings different strengths and perspectives. We’re committed to helping STC succeed. You need to decide who can best lead STC to success.

Why I want to serve as Director

I want to make a difference. The Society is facing tremendous challenges as it adapts to a culture where volunteerism is waning. I believe my ability to analyze problems and devise solutions, understand customer requirements, and willingness to make tough decisions will serve the Society well.
I believe that the degree of satisfaction we gain from involvement in a professional organization is directly related to the depth of our involvement. One of the most rewarding ways to serve is in leadership. I’ve been able to make a difference in the Rochester chapter as an active leader and as the architect and team lead of the Outreach program of the Community Affairs Committee. Although it’s been challenging, it’s also been incredibly exciting and fulfilling.

I want to be a change agent and help STC reinvent itself to keep pace with a changing profession and society.

For more information about my candidacy, visit and click on the “Ben Woelk for STC Director” link. Voting in the 2013 Society for Technical Communication (STC) election begins March 11 and ends March 22 at 5 pm ET (10.00 GMT). Visit for details.
Whether you choose to support me or not, please vote. In the last two Director elections there’s been a 1-2 vote difference between being elected or not. Your vote will make a difference. We have three candidates for the position, with two seats to be filled.
Ben Woelk
Senior Member
Candidate for Director
Outreach Team Lead, Community Affairs Committee

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