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PLAIN Language Conference Coming to Vancouver

PLAIN Language Conference Coming to Vancouver

Chapter Leadership

STC Canada West Coast exists because of its dynamic volunteer force and visionary chapter leaders.

Current Executive Team and Volunteers

For a list of current leaders, see Contact Us.

Past Chapter Presidents

2011/12 Pam Drucker

2010/11 Catherine Kerr

2009/10 Eagranie Yuh

2008/09 Karen Rempel

2007/08 Theresa Putkey

2006/07 Odile Morrison

2005/06 Tamara Chapman

2004/05 Susan Patch

2003/04 Sharon Twiss

2002/03 Anne Odell

2001/02 Jerome Ryckborst

2000/01 Chris Rose

1999/00 Lara Spence

1998/99 Heather Sommerville

1997/98 Rahel Bailie

1996/97 Rahel Bailie

1995/96 Sheila Jones

1994/95 Michele Jeannotte

1993/94 Michele Jeannotte

1992/93 Diane Forsyth

1991/92 Debra Hamilton

1990/91 Roberta Sheng-Taylor

1989/90 Roberta Sheng-Taylor

1988/89 John Sprung

1987/88 Dixie Stockmayer

1986/87 Duncan Kent

1985/86 Pat Lawson

1984/85 Lorraine Metcalf

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Chapter Leadership

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