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PLAIN Language Conference Coming to Vancouver

PLAIN Language Conference Coming to Vancouver

Executive Responsibilities

The President, Vice President , Secretary, and Treasurer share responsibilities for the STC Canada West Coast chapter. Here are their responsibilities.

The chapter president heads the administrative council and is responsible for all operations of the chapter. The chapter president should be enthusiastic, energetic, responsive, and good at solving problems and resolving disputes. The president should also be gracious and a good listener. This position’s responsibilities include the following:

Conducts regular meetings of the administrative council (at least three to five meetings per year are recommended)

Assigns duties to other officers soon after their election

Suggests schedules for ongoing chapter programs—both within the Society and in collaboration with other professional groups

Explores topics for the coming year’s meetings with the program committee manager and other officers

Appoints special assistants or committees for specific tasks not easily managed by standing committees

Applies and maintains controls for budgets, expenditures, and other fiscal activities, and, together with the treasurer, signs all chapter checks

Writes a column for the chapter newsletter

Leads the formulation of goals and policies for the chapter

Contacts committee managers periodically to obtain status/activity reports for submission to the chapter officers

Reports on chapter activities to the Society.

Vice President

Maintains an awareness of all chapter operations and confers frequently with the chapter president, not only to advise and assist, but also gain knowledge for the upcoming term as president.


Takes minutes at administrative council and other chapter meetings (or arranges for a substitute)

Prepares and distributes copies of meeting minutes to officers

Prepares correspondence related to chapter business at the direction of the chapter president


Prepares a budget at the beginning of the chapter year

Establishes and maintains a checking account for current operations and arranges for signature cards and other documents required by the bank (checks must be signed by the treasurer and co-signed by the president or vice president)

Establishes and monitors a savings account and/or certificates of deposit when chapter funds exceed those needed for current operations deposits chapter funds and pays invoices promptly

Transfers funds from the operating account to the savings account when appropriate, with the concurrence of the chapter president

Prepares a monthly report of chapter income and expenditures for review by the chapter president

Prepares reports of income and expenditures on chapter projects, making comparisons with the budget every sixty days for current projects and at the close of each project

Develops a detailed year-end report (as of June 30 for regular chapters; April 30 for student chapters) of all financial transactions that groups income and expenses for each major activity such as publications competition, student competition, and so forth

Completes and signs a year-end report for the STC treasurer on a form provided by the STC office

Mails the year-end chapter financial report to the STC treasurer as soon as possible, but no later than September 30 (May 31 for student chapters), to ensure a prompt dues rebate to the chapter

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