June 4 Meeting
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Welcome to Amanda Truscott, Teresa Matich, and Wendy Hollingshead. They joined Barry, Jake, Susan, Pam, John, Autumn and myself for this month’s meeting.
Pam believes that now the provincial election is over and the political scene more stable, there should be more job postings. Let’s hope so. Barry suggested that if you want to research job hunting, the downtown Vancouver library has a large amount of material.

Pam assigned everyone a task for next month’s meeting:  prepare and practice your 20 second elevator pitch. The pitch should state the key words you want to get across to a person.

http://vancouverwritingjobs.com is a local blog that posts writing jobs.

We discussed how to decide the amount to charge for a contract job. A guideline was suggested of 25-50% of the salary for that type of job.  You can download the 2012-13 salary database from a recent issue of STC TechComm Today. Keep in mind, the database refers to American dollars. Currently on the STC.org Website, under STC’s Notebook Blog, there is an article “Freelancing Basics: How and What to Charge for your Freelance Work”.

I will be away for the summer and I believe Bonnie will host the meetings for July and August. See everyone in September. Have a nice summer.

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