May 7 Meeting
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Jake, Autumn, Jacqui, John, Bonnie, Heather, Moise and I were joined by Milton. Milton is currently a copywriter and also a new BCIT student. Welcome Milton.

Autumn was contacted by XEROX for potential contract opportunities. Let Autumn know if you are interested.
Fortis BC might be looking for a writer.

There was some discussion around payment of overtime to employees in the IT Industry. As a follow up, here is a link to information about this with the Employment Standards Branch (ESB): For those looking for specific information and definitions of who this includes, the link to the Regulations defining the high tech company and high tech professional is: If you have specific questions, I suggest you contact the ESB directly.

We also discussed:
•  companies that have only 1 tech writer and the companies demands on the writer
•  when to speak up about issues in your job (pick your battles)
•  informational interviews

See everyone in June!