April 2 CIC Coffee Meeting
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Lora, a BCIT student, joined myself, Jake, Janice, Autumn, and Jacqui at Blenz Coffee in Metrotown Mall at 7 p.m., Tuesday, April 2. Welcome Lora.

We talked about networking, volunteer postings, and resumes. It seems there are some companies that don’t reply or acknowledge when they receive a resume. They just seem to be collecting resumes. Not very thoughtful of them!

Janice has been busy with a quite a few interviews and Autumn has been busy networking. Jake talked about his experience with localization.

Jacqui told us about her paid blogging experience. The discussion on paid blogging brought up the question “How much should a writer charge for blogging?”

We might have an answer to this question and discuss some other issues at the next meeting – Tuesday, May 7, 7 p.m. at Blenz, Metrotown. Hope to see everyone there.