July 3, 2012 notes from STC-CWC Consultants and Independent Contractors meetup
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July 3, 2012 notes from STC-CWC Consultants and Independent Contractors meetup
Tuesday, July 3, 2012 from 7:00 to 8:30 at Blenz Coffee, Metrotown Mall, Burnaby
Organized by Bonnie Willimott
Recorded by Mellissa Ruryk and transcribed by Barry Shanko
Attending: Barry Shanko, Pam Drucker, Moise Potie, Mellissa Ruryk, Bonnie Willimot, Heather Sommerville, John Deeley
  •  Why is this group called CIC? Because it was named that as a special interest group. Other names were proposed to reflect the networking aspect and meet up flavour. Pam explained how the chapter’s bulk email notifications work because not everyone receives notification. Moise in PR role will send meeting reminders to: contractors, team leads, volunteers and members groups.
  •  Mary Metzger was sick but sends her regrets.
  •  Heather said she heard of a job lead at Aeroinfo in Richmond for a 6 month contract.
  •  Barry clarified the difference between Aeroinfo and Aerotek entities. He’d been to 3 interviews but no luck.
  •  John said he wasn’t really looking since he was still attending courses at the BCIT tech writing program. He was doing carpentry and working as a volunteer editor at Vantage Point (formally Volunteer Vancouver).
  •  Pam encouraged the group to apply to recruiter ads so everyone’s resumes are on file. Instead of thinking of competing, the recruiter might be seeking to fill more than one position. She also mentioned her contract end date is coming up and like most contractors, has uncertainty despite lots of work to still to be done.
  •  Moise is happily working at Wenco, a Richmond mining firm.
  •  Mellissa mentioned a job she’d seen, but first you have to take a training course from them for which you have to pay for (big $$$$). STC-CWC pulled the job ad from its website as it seemed to be a bit of a bait and switch situation.
  •  Bonnie wants to find a position in Burnaby and wants to work more at contract positions, preferably at web-type postings using content strategies/marketing and social networking. She’s upgrading her HTML, Javascript and CSS skills.
  •  In looking for a new meeting place, it was mentioned a place had been found near 8th and Yukon Street, near Broadway and Cambie Skytrain. It was a restaurant, and that possibly the proposed place would offer us use of their space for dinner and a program for $20/person. Discussion about if this was too much for a meeting.
  •  Another question: What if 5 people showed up in person and 20 “attended” via webinar?
  •  Discussion of how to minimize risk and still make some $$$ for the chapter? Maybe this could be a one-off or an infrequent arrangement.
  •  Reserve Saturday July 21 from 9:00 to noon for chapter planning meeting at Bonsor Rec Centre next to Metrotown Mall, Burnaby

NEXT CIC MEETING: Tuesday August 7, same place and time.


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