5 April 2011 notes from STC-CWC CIC meetup
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5 April 2011 notes from STC-CWC Consultants and Independent Contractors meetup

7:00 to 8:15 at Tim Hortons, 200 Burrard St., lower level food court
Organized by Ben Hechter

Attending: Ben, Judith, Josh, Christine, Heather, Artie, Tony, Michelle, Pam
Attendees (and recent CIC attendees) receive emailed notes. Notes also are posted to the Contractors forum 

Job announcements
  ⁃  postings on the STC-CWC job board
  ⁃  referrals from STC-CWC contractors
  ⁃  recent cold calls to STC-CWC contractors led to viable positions in industry and unions
  ⁃  Charityvillage.com offers volunteer work in nonprofit sector

  ⁃  I have an interview tomorrow, what should I bring?
  ⁃  course refund policy varies widely among local institutes
  ⁃  advantages of incorporation, are there any?
  ⁃  competing for contracts and sharing leads, they can be done simultaneously
  ⁃  contracting is more fun than not being paid
  ⁃  expectations on becoming a permanent employer—getting paid
  ⁃  request info on ISO and ANSI, make sure to pronounce it “I-so”
  ⁃  creative uses of spare time: optimize personal website, volunteer at not-for-profits, become visible
  ⁃  a flex schedule sometimes makes the office too quiet
  ⁃  the thinking process is clarified when you see the whole product
  ⁃  why no parking validation when they called you for an interview
  ⁃  if the UI isn’t good then don’t waste time with it
  ⁃  can I invoice a potential employer for wasting my time?
  ⁃  world’s worst interview experience—group audition, group writing test, interviewer tweets about watching you sweat
  ⁃  volunteers needed for Programs team
  ⁃  presenters wanted for Pecha Kucha program in chapter’s 2011-12 season. Watch Pecha Kucha at an upcoming event, http://www.pecha-kucha.org/night/vancouver/16

Next meeting

First Tuesday of the month, May 3, 2011

This will conclude regular meetings for this season. We usually take the summer off but for those who want to meet informally please post replies to the Contractors forum, http://www.stcwestcoast.ca/index.php/forums/viewforum/15/

Location: Tim Hortons, 200 Burrard St. There are several Tim Hortons nearby. Use the app TimmyME to locate us.

There is no RSVP. Just show up.

For more information, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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