7 December 2010 notes from STC-CWC Independent Contractors (CIC) meetup
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7 December 2010 notes from STC-CWC Independent Contractors (CIC) meetup

7:00 to 9:00 at Tim Hortons, 200 Burrard St., lower level food court
Organized by Ben Hechter

Attending: Ben, Heather, Jacquie, Ariel, Artie, John, Josh, Kristin, Mellissa and Pam
Attendees (and recent CIC attendees) receive emailed notes. Notes also are posted to the Contractors forum 
The CIC meetings attract 10-12 attendees per month. There is no RSVP. Anyone interested can just show up.
The format
  -  introductions
  -  job seekers/job leads
  -  biz discussion
  -  next CIC date/venue
Job announcements
  -  AeroInfo is looking for a contractor
  -  WorkSafe BC is looking for a writer/editor for its annual report
  -  4 postings on STC-CWC job board since last CIC meetup
What do you want to gain from tonight’s meeting?
  -  Leverage disparate experiences (industry, language) by creating job aids for non-English speakers
  -  Make contacts to “save my job”
  -  Seek/offer expert advice on converting Word docs to FrameMaker
  -  Is it wise to seek jobs beyond Hope (and the Fraser Valley)
  -  How to transition back to tech writing from a role that expanded to speechwriting, training and polishing emails (the Hotel California dilemma)
  -  How to transition in to tech writing from teaching French to elementary students
  -  How to leverage construction industry and Japanese translation experiences
  -  How to remain professionally engaged while waiting out the end of year lull
  -  Tech writers have special skills whether learned, such as project estimation, or natural as having an eye for design or an ear for tone
  -  Knowing French doesn’t make you a translator just as knowing English doesn’t make you a writer
  -  Break-in to tech writing by offering a special skill, for example doing a gap analysis or audit report
  -  Soft sell your services by offering unsolicited advice about document or website makeover and following up to make a business connection
  -  Learn about a sector, a function, and hidden opportunities by engaging in informational interviews
  -  Leverage disparate experiences (industry, language) by creating job aids for non-English speakers
  -  Recommend Adobe’s Classroom in a Book for self-paced training and Adobe TV for online training
  -  Self-training is effective when you can apply training to a specific project but staying focused takes discipline
  -  eNegotiations—multilateral bargaining for mutual gain; imagine India and China both going after the same river
  -  Find opportunities to partner with those whose skills need polish—specifically in writing, editing, organization, presentation, design. For collaborative and entrepreneurial opportunities see http://democamp.com and http://bootup.ca
  -  Must haves—a contract and legal advice. See documents under the heading Useful Model Files http://www.stcsig.org/cic/pages/links.htm#Files
Next meeting

First Tuesday of the month. We usually take the holidays off but for those who want to meet, our next meeting will be 4 January 2011, Tim Hortons, 200 Burrard St. There are several Tim Hortons nearby. Use the app TimmyME to locate us.
The STC-CIC group wishes everyone a happy holiday. See you next year!


Pam Drucker