7 Sept 2010 minutes Contractors group (CIC)
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7 Sept 2010 minutes from STC-CWC Contractors group (CIC)
7:00 to 8:30 at Tim Hortons in food court, 200 Burrard St.

Organized by Ben Hechter
Attending: Ben, Heather, Jacqui, Mary, Judith, Karen, Jenny, Josh, Marika and Pam

Informal mtg w/o an agenda or official note taker

This mtg is the first in the new academic year. Established format goes:
  ⁃  introductions
  ⁃  job announcements
  ⁃  biz discussion
  ⁃  next CIC date/venue

We’ve decided to take some notes but keep it loose. Purpose is to followup with any of tonight’s ideas. Notes will be sent to attendees and posted on the chapter’s site. [ed note - can someone post this pls]

Roundtable intros and resulting discussion on a wide range of topics. Some of these include:
  ⁃  skill testing via surveys and contests
  ⁃  Elance.com job posting/bidding
  ⁃  Sharepoint and Sharepoint Designer tools
  ⁃  Paypal and other ways to deposit pmts from foreign clients
  ⁃  agencies with red flags
  ⁃  carving out a tech writing niche from a multidiscipline past

Biz/new biz
  ⁃  TRS posting for tech writer in Vancouver
  ⁃  Calls for CWC webmaster, volunteers, articles

Do’s and Don’ts
  ⁃  Don’t bid on/accept tech writing work for min wage
  ⁃  OK to ask for ref’ls and show samples from pro bono work

Items to bring forward at next mtg
  ⁃  Sharepoint and Sharepoint Designer tools topic for a program mtg
  ⁃  Does the mtg location work

Next meeting
CIC mtgs are held on the first Tues of the month. Next mtg is on 5 October, Tim Hortons, 200 Burrard St.

Reminder! The next program mtg is on 21 Sept at the YWCA on Hornby St. Topic is Practical Diagram Design. Free to members.


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