Professional Liability Insurance?
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The question of professional liability insurance has just come up with a client of mine. I’m wondering, do you all carry insurance, how much does it cost (if you don’t mind me asking), and where do you buy it?

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Hi Tracey!

We haven’t been in touch since the good ole days at PMC, but I’m glad to see you in our forum. (I still get occasional calls from people who think they’re talking to you, I guess because we are both “Tracey M the tech writer.”)

I have not taken out any professional liability insurance previously. The kinds of projects I tend to take on are not the kind of thing that leaves anyone exposed. If I were documenting instructions that left someone open to injury I would likely reconsider.

I recall that when I investigated this to make my decision, my regular insurance agent (house & car insurance) said he could get me a quote on professional coverage if I wanted. I turned him down, but it sounds like the option is out there.

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Hi Traceys!

Like Tracey Martinsen, I have never had the need to get professional liability insurance. I recently had lunch with someone who does carry this type of insurance, for a technical writing staffing co, and the premium is about $5,000 per year!

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I asked a couple of colleagues, and found that where one has never found Errors and Omissions/Professional Liability insurance to be necessary in their line of work, another went whole hog with incorporation AND insurance, to open the doors to contracts with larger firms, especially those in the US.

When I personally asked an insurance underwriter friend of mine about this, they said I don’t qualify for E&O because I don’t hold a professional designation. So, accountants, medical professionals, engineers… they can all get covered, but I couldn’t, even if I wanted to.

I’m sure groups like AON/Reed Steinhouse and the like will gladly sell the product to anyone who asks.

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I’ve never felt the need for professional liability insurance. However, the standard project description in my contract states:

The Client will provide reasonable and timely access to the Client’s staff and resources as needed to complete the project, including staff who can provide information, review drafts, and approve final content.

The heavier-duty legal text also says:

Damage Exclusion and Limits: Accuracy of content is the sole responsibility of the Client and the Client’s representatives. The Contractor cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies of content in completed projects. The Contractor’s liability in any case is limited to the amount she has already been paid for the Project.

I’m hoping this covers me! It hasn’t been a problem so far.